Discover, Create, Connect. Unleash your creativity through vibrant painting and techniques in our dynamic Art Center. Express emotions and ideas freely as you experiment with colors, strokes, and styles, crafting unique and meaningful pieces. Art isn’t just about creation; it’s therapeutic too. Immerse yourself in the process, finding relaxation and mindfulness. Master skills from color theory to advanced blending, elevating your artistry. This journey isn’t solitary – it’s communal. Collaborate, learn, and inspire in our supportive artist community.

Join an art class today to unearth the joy of self-expression through color and technique.


I’m Andreina Solivan, a preschool education graduate who’s been passionate about art since age 5. 22 years ago, I merged my love for painting and kids, becoming an Art teacher. With 19 years of experience teaching ages 18 months to 18 years, my role is to nurture creativity and teach art techniques. But most importantly, I empower kids to believe in themselves, value their work, infuse love, and express feelings through art. Educating individuals of all ages is rewarding, and I cherish forming lasting connections with students. Sharing my journey sets an example that art can be a future career path.